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                                          CRN REGISTRATION IN ALBERTA

ABSA document AB-508 is the Safety Codes Flow Chart that helps users and manufacturer's alike determine if a CRN and deign registration is required in Alberta.

In general CRN's are not required for:

- Pressure piping containing non-expansible fluid (i.e. Water, etc.) - See note below

- Heating plant piping

- Pressure piping that is fully vented or is protected by one or more PRD's which are set and sized so the the pressure will not exceed 103 lPa.

- Pressure piping that falls under the juridication of other acts (such as Pipeline Act, Gas Code Regulation, Motor safety Regulation)

- Pressure piping (except for Boiler External Piping) that meets all of the following conditions - does not exceed DN50 (2"); does not exceed 1035 kPa (150 psi); design temperature is between -29C (-20F) and 186 C (367 F); contains air, nitogen, argon, carbon dioxide, steam or hot water and is constructed to an applicable ASME code - is exempt from all the other requirements of PESR except that accidents must be reported to ABSA.

Note 1. "Expansible Fluid" means a vapour or gaseous fluid or a liquid under pressure and at a temperature at which the liquid changes to a gas or vapour when the pressure is reduced to atmospheric pressure or when the temperature is increased to ambient temperature.

Note 2. The Alberta Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PESR) can be found here.

Note 3. The Alberta Pressure Equipment Exemption Order (PEEO) can be found here.

                                      USE OF SA53-E/B PIPE IN ALBERTA  

When using SA53-E/B pipe as a vessel shell in Alberta the use of ASME Interpretation VIII-1-01-61 is allowed with the understanding that a nozzle and its reinforcement do not pass through the pipes seam. Alberta (ABSA) also requires that in the "Remarks" section of the MDR a comment is made confirming the above.

The problem arises when verification of the ERW long seam needs to be made during manufacturing. In most cases visual identification of the weld seam on ERW pipe is impossible and thus actual verification by other methods becomes uneconomical.

If the manufacturer does not want to verify the location of the ERW pipe seam for vessels in Alberta they have two (2) options:

1) Use ERW pipe; however you cannot use the allowable stress listed in Section II, part D divided by 0.85 when determining the minimum nozzle neck thickness in accordance with part UG-45(b)(1) of Section VIII, Division 1.

2) Use seamless pipe.

Because of the above, for small vessels that may use ERW pipe for the shell ROUND ENGINEERING recommends using seamless pipe in Alberta. In most cases it becomes more cost effective to use seamless pipe and the associated higher allowable stresses (and thus lower required wall thickness) then using ERW pipe with the considerably lower allowable stress valves as ASME Interpretation VIII-1-01-61 is not accepted in Alberta as written.

Please note Interpretations and code cases are not part of the code, and are not automatically accepted for use by the individual Provincial Regulatory Authorities.


The Government of Alberta Information Bulletin No. IB12-002 outlines the ABSA interpretation of the use of Appendices 1-9 and 1-10 of ASME Section VIII Division 1 in Alberta.

If the rules of Appendices 1-9 or 1-10 as complemented by certain conditions stated in the bulletin cannot be met, then the UG-37 and Appendix 1-7 rules shall be used.

One of the important requirements found in this bulletin is that appendices 1-9 and 1-10 shall not be used for nozzles having a ratio Rn/R greater than 0.7 (i.e. large openings). In this case the requirements of UG-37 MUST be met, often resulting in larger required areas of reinforcement then those calculated using only the requirements of Appendix 1-10.

It is important to remember that each Province in Canada has their own interpretation of code requirements. Because a design is acceptable in one province does not mean it will automatically be accepted in another.


The province of Saskatchewan offers a alternative to obtaining a CRN registration for Pressure Vessels and Boilers.

The Exemptions from Registration Requirements of Boiler and Pressure Vessels in Saskatchewan can be found

Please note when utilizing the Saskatchewan exemptions before a boiler or pressure vessel can be installed, the owner must submit the data report for registration with the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan. The fee for the registration of the data report is $350 and shall accompany the data report.

advises pressure vessel and boiler manufacturer's to check with their customers before utilizing this available exemption.

                                       SASKATCHEWAN CRN EXEMPTIONS

Similar to the province of British Columbia the Province of Saskatchewan does not require CRN registration of Category A,B,C or G fittings as set out in the CSA B51 Code. 

(Shown to the left is a screen shot from the website)

It is important to note that the Province of Saskatchewan WILL register Category A,B,C and G fittings if requested.

Therefore some companies and end-users located in Saskatchewan still insist on CRN's for Category A,B,C or G fittings. 


A agreement exists between CSA International and the provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan such that a fitting issued a CRN by CSA is recognized by the Provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan (i.e. separate CRN registration in these provinces is not required) 

Note: This original agreement also included the Province of Manitoba, however today (1/1/2013) Manitoba no-longer participates with this agreement. A separate CRN registration for fittings in the province of Manitoba is now required.

CRN numbers issued by the CSA have the letters CSA applied as a prefix to the CRN. For example CSA-OA15497.56.



The British Columbia Safety Authority issued Directive No: D-B6 070402 3 on April 2, 2007 which exempts Category A,B,C, and G fittings from registration.

These types of fittings are described in CSA B51 table 1 as follows:

A -  Pipe fittings, including couplings, tees, elbows, wyes, plugs, unions, nipples, pipe caps, and reducers.

B - All flanges.

C - All line valves.

G - Certified capacity-rated pressure-relief devices acceptable as primary overpressure protection on boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping, and fusible plugs.

The Province of British Columbia WILL NOT issue CRN numbers for Category A,B,C and G fittings.


                                                      ACI CENTRAL INC.

ACI CENTRAL INC. is a nonprofit organization, incorporated under the laws of Prince Edward Island.

ACI is responsible for CRN registration for the following provinces and territorial jurisdictions.

- Prince Edward Island
- Nova Scotia
- New Brunswick
- Newfoundland and Labrador
- Yukon
- Northwest Territories, and
- Nunavut